Assessing the situation #

Desalting is not a trivial matter. Depending on the conditions, you can hurt (and scare) yourself.

  • As soon as you surface, check for any loose ends or other objects that may be in your way.
  • Locate where you are on the water and the time available for resurfacing: rocks, other boat.
  • If you feel that you do not have the time to right the boat in the face of danger, give priority to people over equipment.

The key word in resurfacing is temporization: you must be quick, but not hurry.

Re-rigging #

  • Shock the boom vang and the sheet wide open.
  • Turn the boat into the wind by making a pivot with the liston and the daggerboard.
  • Once the boat is facing the wind, pivot with the daggerboard. In strong winds, it is not uncommon for the boat to fall on top of you: watch your head.
  • Grab the inside of the cockpit and pull yourself up as flat as possible.
  • Put on the cape and stow the boat.
  • Take stock of your equipment and the physical condition of the crew. Resume sailing or return to the coast depending on the situation.

Downwind drift #

An upwind desalination often occurs during a gust of wind, you must luff or ease off to avoid it.

Desalting upwind

Desalting upwind

Upwind, with effective regulation you can avoid getting wet.

Desalting downwind #

Downwind, desalting is often the result of a rhythmic roll, too much counter-heeling or a reef. It is often much more sudden than upwind.

When sailing downwind, you must avoid “hanging on” and react quickly to avoid making a hat.
Desalting downwind

Desalting downwind

Making the hat #

Hopping means that the boat is completely overturned, a situation to be avoided. The risk is that the daggerboard will slip into the water, making the righting process more complex.



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If you make hat, it takes a lot of force to extract the sail to the water suction, think about shocking as soon as possible.